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A Partnership Between Guidry’s Guardian and Two Old Dogs

About Two Old Dogs

Few things go with great conversation like a good bottle of wine

Fittingly, it was a wine-fueled conversation during a dinner in 2012 that led Chris and Vernon to float the idea of creating their very own label. Major League teammates and fathers of two, they shared not only a passion for wine but a passion for family as well. After their first four vintages of JACK Wines, Chris and Vernon made the decision to expand their wine portfolio by adding Two Old Dogs, through a partnership with a friend and well respected vintner, Jennifer Lamb.

Two Old Dogs, adds depth to the JACK family, and the perfect companion for a night out with friends, a night in with your loved one, or a perfect patio day. Our wines deliver the taste and quality you expect from Napa Valley at a price that’s perfect for both the everyday and the extraordinary.

A portion of all Two Old Dogs sales will benefit Golden Years Dog Sanctuary’s efforts to help senior dogs in our community.